Golden Eagle Ministries International is a not for profit organization that assists Native American peoples with the basic freedoms which this country was founded.

All Peoples are created equal, that they are endowed with
certain unalienable rights that among these are
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Among these rights are the right to food, shelter, medical care and spiritual growth. Golden Eagle Ministries Int. has dedicated all resources to providing these staples. There are chapters located in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Alaska, England, Tennessee, and Cypress.
Golden Eagle Ministries holds gatherings, classes, benefits and internships.



The Golden Eagle, also known as “The War Eagle” and “Boot Eagle” has been a symbol for power, courage and ascension for thousands of years. The words “ Aquila Chrysaetos” ( Ak-key-law-kris-AY-ee toes) come from Greek and Latin roots. Aquila meaning Eagle and the Greek term Chryos meaning Golden, and Aetos meaning Eagle. These magnificent creatures mate for life, migrate in groups and are very protective. They are found mostly in Kansas, Alaska, California, Canada, Eurasia and North Africa.
In ancient Rome the Golden Eagle was associated with the God, Jupiter. Aquila Chrysaetos are connected to the Divine as they fly higher than any other Avian Raptor. Eagles have the ability to touch the sun thereby symbolizing spiritual ascension. Their heavenward flight is associated with prayer. For Christians it symbolized Christ touching his father. Eagles can be found on some baptismal fonts in old churches. Native Americans tribes revered the feathers as social status.
Their sharp vision, speed and agility have been the basis for legend and lore. When Eagle grows old his wings become heavy and his eyes darken with cloudiness. He searches for a fountain. Golden Eagle flies high to look the sun in the eye and in doing so, singes his wings. At the same time evaporates the clouds in his eyes. Then suddenly turns to earth. Upon returning, plunges 3 times into a crystal clear fountain. He then emerges with perfect eyesight and renewed youth as in resurrection. We as Golden Eagle ministers must be like our feathered friend. We must have strength of character, agility for the ebbs and flows of life and sharp vision to always see truth. This connection to the divine allows renewal and rebirth of the soul.

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